Who do we think we are?

Feed Me Creative is a culinary content studio based in Kansas City, Missouri. We specialize in recipe development, food styling, and photography for food and drink brands, publications, bars and restaurants. (We’re also very, very good eaters.)


We've worked with:

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How can we help your brand?

One of the best ways for food and drink brands to offer value and build relationships is with consumer-focused recipe content. This isn’t just branded content; these are recipes people really want to make that just happen to feature great products from [insert your brand here]. We use your products to create delicious, beautiful recipes that highlight the features and benefits of your food and drink brands.

Our custom recipes are:

Developed and shared by real cooks, not a corporate kitchen

Seasonal and on-trend
(but maybe not “pumpkin spice deviled eggs”)

Visually Appealing
Beautiful, natural photography that literally makes mouths water

Easy-to-follow recipes using widely available ingredients

Recipes that people want to share and won’t make them feel like brand shills
(so, not “Heinz 57 Tomato Ketchup Lasagna Surprise”)

Recipes and headnotes are written with SEO in mind, so they're easily found by hurried home cooks

Headnote/intro content that welcomes conversation
(“Can I make this gluten-free?” “Can I substitute lemon for lime?”)

Recipes so good that people start turning to you for meal and party planning

What can you do with it?

This is engaging, consumer-focused content you can distribute via the brand website, social media, press releases, email, advertising, and other channels.

Recipe Development for Food & Drink Brands

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